Plan showing location of different types of development and its phased delivery


Planning Application

The Outline Planning Application which was submitted in 2015 included the following key elements:

  • Retained rail related employment space over approximately half of the site
  • 375 new homes – a range of sizes
  • Foodstore and parking
  • 1,000 sq m community building – which could be a heritage centre
  • Two access points for residents
  • Vehicle access to rail business along McConnell Drive
  • New public spaces and pedestrian routes
  • Parking throughout the development

The masterplan has evolved and developed as a result of feedback received and a design review undertaken by Purcell. The current plan retains the same key elements listed above. In addition, St. Modwen now has now identified an opportunity to provide small workshop spaces suitable for existing and new start up local businesses.

Throughout its stakeholder consultation programme, St. Modwen received various proposals for initiatives to be included in the masterplan. These included the siting of a War Memorial within the public spaces. St. Modwen is pleased to confirm that this will form a part of its heritage and landscape proposals in future detailed planning applications.



The Royal Train

St. Modwen is fully aware of the current commitments in place concerning the Royal Train and all associated parties are in discussions on the subject.

The Vision

Through these regeneration plans, St. Modwen’s vision is to:

  • Secure future rail-related jobs on site and retain the heritage of Wolverton Works through its ongoing rail use
  • Deliver a mix of high quality homes for all ages, family sizes, needs and pockets
  • Bring more shopping choice to local people through a much-loved value brand – Lidl
  • Create a new public square and landscaped, planted green spaces for the whole of Wolverton to enjoy
  • Give Wolverton a new community space which could house a new heritage centre and help to further promote the site’s railway heritage
  • Create further employment opportunities through the provision of small business units