Residential Masterplan

New residential masterplan (Click image below to enlarge)

The key features of the layout are:

  • Creation of a main boulevard through the site which follows/ reflects the current east-west railway line
  • Layout of new buildings to reflect layout of existing sheds
  • Retention of key façades of existing sheds
  • Retention of railway and traverser tracks
  • Scale of open spaces to reflect large working yards
  • Provision of new workspace for new and growing businesses

New residential masterplan


Illustrative sketch of the potential skyline of Wolverton Works across the residential part of the site

Illustrative sketch of the potentialskyline of Wolverton Works acrossthe residential part of the site

Existing building layout planExisting building layout plan

Masterplan: character areas

The residential masterplan is arranged into five ‘character’ areas shown below. These relate to the character of the existing Wolverton Works today plus that of the surrounding area.

Plan showing main ‘character areas’ of buildings (Click to enlarge)

Character Areas

Character Area 3



Character Areas 1 & 2

Character Areas 4 & 5