Example sketches showing façade retention

Maintaining Wolverton Works’ Character

What makes Wolverton Works special?

St. Modwen's architects assessed what key elements of the site (special character areas) most effectively reflect the character and heritage of Wolverton Works as a whole. These were considered to be:

  • East-west railway tracks
  • Carriage traverser tracks
  • Working yards
  • South boundary wall


Consideration of special character areas and which façades could be retained


Proposed building façade retention

The architects considered which buildings/ façades, if kept, would best frame these special character areas and allow future visitors to understand how these spaces were used historically.

With this objective, alongside the need to deliver the appropriate scale and layout of new homes for today’s needs, the proposal is to retain parts of the following façades:

  • Carriage Lifting Shop
  • Timber Store
  • West Paint Shed

These façades each have a relationship with the special character areas in terms of explaining visually how these areas operated historically. Alongside the revised masterplan, the retention of certain façades will present an effective long-term representation of the site’s history.

Façades for retention - click to enlarge

Façades for retention - click to enlarge