New architecture

New architecture

It is proposed to provide a variety of types and sizes of homes to suit everyone at each stage of the property ladder.

It will be important that the architecture of the new homes 1) complements the retained façades 2) provides an appropriate reflection of the railway heritage of Wolverton Works and 3) is practical and attractive in the long-term for those who will live there.

To support the Outline Planning Application, where detailed design of the buildings is not covered, St. Modwen submitted a ‘Design Guide’ which provides clear guidance on the scale, form and character of the new residential buildings to be considered when detailed planning applications are submitted.

Some key features of the Design Guide include:

  • Limited palette of materials with brick as the dominant feature
  • Rooflines should be pitched where possible, reflecting the roofscape of the industrial sheds
  • All building edges should be vertical and not curved, with windows square or rectangle
  • Homes should be orientated to face key streets, spaces and routes

Main images (above) - Illustrative images of different styles of architecture to show how the brick-built homes may look, indicative only


Examples of the types of brick allowed within the new development